Meet the Flameologists


Shin, Director, Producer

Staff,  Sword,  Poi,  Rope Dart,  Club PoiSpark-web

I found the art of fire performance at a Burning Man event almost a decade ago. I had wandered out to the fire stage on the Playa on Thursday night and was just blown away! For hours I watched in amazement as one after another the performers gave their gift of fire dance to the crowds. I have not stopped performing since. It's good for the hands, the mind and the body.                        


Fire Hoop,  Staff,  Poi,  Palm Torches,  Fans,  Swords, Dragon StaffSheri-web

                I began fire performing in 2011 as a way to challenge myself with something new.  I fell in love with dancing with fire, and have been performing with Flameology ever since.  I am a strength and movement coach who's dual specialties are Hardstyle Russian Kettlebell instruction and Medical Exercise Training.  Combining the beauty of human movement with the elemental power of fire has become one of my passions!                      



Palm torches,  Fans,  Staff,  CaneChristien-web




Fans,  Staff,  Palm Torches




Fans,  Staff,  Crown, Palm Torches



Staff,  Fans,  Poi,  Cane,  Palm Torches



Fans, Poi, staff, palm Torches



Staff,  Poi,  FansJolynn-Web

I have always loved dancing, performing, and fire. With my fire tribe I am lucky to do all 3! It's an escape for me and I love to dance with fire as much as you like to watch! After 5 years of this fire journey, I still feel humbled and blessed as if it were my first night spinning fire!        

A dance troupe with a fire problem