Meet the Flameologists


Shin, Director, Producer

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I found the art of fire performance at a Burning Man event almost a decade ago. I had wandered out to the fire stage on the Playa on Thursday night and was just blown away! For hours I watched in amazement as one after another the performers gave their gift of fire dance to the crowds. I was totally hooked. I met some people there that were willing to teach me some basics. I have not stopped performing since. It's good for the hands, the mind and the body.      


Staff,  Poi,  FansJolynn-Web

I have always loved dancing, performing, and fire. With my fire tribe I am lucky to do all 3! It's an escape for me and I love to dance with fire as much as you like to watch! After 5 years of this fire journey, I still feel humbled and blessed as if it were my first night spinning fire!            

Sheri,   PT Trainer

Fire Hoop,  Staff,  Poi,  Palm Torches,  Fans,  SwordsSheri-web

I am a Russian Kettle-bell Trainer, and am all about strength and power as an athlete, as a fire performer the balance between human power and elemental power is, I believe, a beautiful , fun and amazing art form!            



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